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Evie Zamora Plissken (Freeland)
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above manip done by _call_me_snake_ <3
My name, is Evie Zamora, and one summer I grew up, people started taking notice. EVERYONE started taking notice of me. Come the first day of a new school year, I was the girl that every guy wanted, even if they had a girlfriend. You know what? I obliged, I'm not a complete slut, I gave em head and maybe a hand job if they had a girlfriend. I'd never fuck another girls guy. I do have some morals. My life is a twirl of sex, drugs and life. You want a taste of reality? What it's like to be thirteen years old and not have things sugar coated? You should read some of this stuff. I'm seventeen and I'm still this way. Cycles never end, they just keep going and going, and going. This is my story, maybe when I turn eighteen, things will change, but right now. This is how I am.

Currently: Evie is now living in her father's guest house with Mason, their baby, her cousin Carolina and a boy she took in named Mitch. She has adopted the last name Plissken and considers herself one of the true daughters of Snake, and makes sure people know it too. She recently had a baby, who is Mason Freeland Jr. Baby Mase for short. She is planning her wedding and now lives in the guest house on her father's property. Her little cousin Essy is now in town and Evie is currently trying to get herself better (she's sick) She also wishes her cousin, Carlos, would come around. She needs him.

Evie Zamora, a highly manipulative high school "It" girl whose lax attitudes toward drug abuse and sex, combined with a reprehensible family life, made for the downfall of good-girl Tracy.

I am not Nikki Reed, I don't know her, I'm just a fan of the movie and the character who strikes close to home. I'm doing this for fun only and no profit is made while writing in here. This journal WILL containt explicit sex and adult langauge. You have been warned. Part of muse_playground and realmof_themuse